Plan your patio

Whether you’re dreaming up a brand new outdoor living space or are dying to revamp an unsightly slab of concrete, planning ahead is key to creating a patio that’s both beautiful and functional. Here’s the approach suggested by the pros:

Consider the purpose of your patio

Is it a place for you to entertain guests in? A place where you want to just relax out of sight? Is it a place where you want your kids to run around safely? Is it a mix? All of these options will play into how your Cork patio should look and function as.

Consider that old real estate mantra: location, location, location

Most patios should be accessible to the kitchen, since that’s where people generally come outside, and down as few steps as possible. However, a getaway patio — perhaps a new space in addition to an entertaining patio — can be more remote, toward the back of the property.

It’s common to underestimate how big the patio should be. How many people will normally congregate in the space? If your are building a patio with a central seating area for 6 to 8 people, it might be a circle of 14 feet in diameter or larger.

There’s no specific rule of thumb as to size, but if the site allows, design proportionately to the house, making the patio as wide as the house and as long as the house’s height, or matching it to the size of an indoor room.

Think about shape, which may be partially determined by the site

We use three basic design styles: symmetrical to the house, asymmetrical (slightly askew to the house, but still geometric and modern-looking) and voluptuous curves, which flow with nature.

Choose building materials to complement the color and style of your house

Natural materials like local stone are popular but expensive. Concrete pavers provide a lower-cost option, and they come in a wide range of colors, textures and shapes. If you use paving, break up the space with plenty of plants and furniture.

Plan the landscaping

Before putting down roots, be honest about whether you’re a plant lover or a low-maintenance person. If you do not have the time or the energy to invest in maintaining your garden, we recommend choosing shrubbery that will only require maintenance once or twice a year.

If however you like to tinker around all year round in your garden, the options can be limitless in creating your garden. With multiple options available and the choice of having winter gardens and summer gardens that bloom different times of the year.

If you would like help in choosing a patio that will suit you give us a call today. We provide expert patio and Cork driveway paving services. All work is done to the highest industry standards. We provide unbeatable prices and service throughout Cork and Waterford.